Chris Evans just said what everyone was thinking about Trump taking his face mask off


Chris Evans is having absolutely none of Trump minimising the devastating deadly disease that is coronavirus.

After receiving a positive Covid-19 test on Friday, Trump checked into Walter Reed Medical Center as a “precautionary measure” and received round the clock first class emergency care.

By Monday, Trump tweeted that he had now checked out of the medical facility and was “feeling really good” about it all.

He also urged everyone to not “be afraid” of coronavirus:

And American actor Chris Evans had a lot of thoughts on it all.

He called the POTUS “reckless to a shocking degree” and accused him of not caring about people not having the same access to world-class medical treatment as him:


At the time of writing, Evans’ tweet has over 240,000 likes and over 50,000 retweets.

And people couldn’t agree more with him:

Trump shocked the world when he arrived back at the White House on Monday evening and immediately proceeded to take off his mask.

After repeatedly downplaying coronavirus on a national scale, people thought he looked to be taking more and more reckless risks.

He already faced backlash for leaving the Walter Reed Medical Centre to drive-by his supporters.

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