There's an incredibly dark conspiracy theory about Donald Trump and that leaked Russian dossier

There's an incredibly dark conspiracy theory about Donald Trump and that leaked Russian dossier

On Wednesday, Donald Trump addressed reporters in his first press conference as President-elect, opening with a denial of the unverified allegations of compromising 'sexual behaviour' in Russia.

The dossier in question was allegedly created by former MI6 spy, Christopher Steele for Trump’s Democratic and Republican opponents during the US presidential primary elections.

Trump dismissed the Russian dossier as nothing more than “fake news”. President Barack Obama and Trump had been briefed about Russia having obtained compromising personal information, prior to CNN and BuzzFeed’s publication of the material.

However, there have been claims that the President-elect may have leaked the dossier himself.

Gresh Kuntzman, a journalist for NY Daily News, has “covered Trump on and off for 25 years”, and argues that the President-elect is adept at managing the press.

In his article, he reminds readers of John Miller, Trump’s 'publicist', who occasionally spoke to the press in the 1980s and 1990s. It has been pointed out that Miller sounds unusually similar to Trump himself, with many people claiming the two are one in the same. In 1990, Trump testified during a court case, and admitted that he, "on occasion" used that name.

Kuntzman argues that part of Trump’s appeal to voters is his machismo, perpetuated by the “locker room talk” he engages in. One such example is the now infamous “grab them by the p----y” comment, and subsequent comments he made in a recorded conversation with Billy Bush in 2005.

Why would we be surprised if Trump hired hookers to pee all over a bed in the presidential suite at a Russian hotel that had once hosted President Obama and the First Lady?

Some Twitter users agree...

The rift between Trump and US intelligence agencies continues to widen, and the President-elect called them “disgraceful” for allowing the dossier to become public, likening their actions to that of Nazi Germany.

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