The country where women are sent to exile for being on their period

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Across Nepal, women are sleeping in basic huts away from their family when they’re on their periods.

The women are banished from their homes thanks to an ancient Hindu ritual, according to AFP.

There are no walls to keep out the cold, and they’re also barred from touching food, men, cattle and religious icons.

Picture:Picture: AFP / Getty Images / Prakash Mathema

Even in the capital Kathmandu, three in four households restrict menstruating women to some degree.

Pabitra Giri, a Hindu from west Nepal, said:

We think that if we don't follow chhaupadi bad things will happen and if we do, it [the gods] will favour us.

I feel it does good, so I follow it during my periods.

Giri said she used to be scared, but now she’s used to being away from her family through the dark nights.

Picture:Picture: AFP / Getty Images / Prakash Mathema

But two women recently died while following the practice, which is called chhaupadi.

One of the women died of smoke inhalation after lighting a fire for warmth.

Chhaupadi is banned by law, but people continue to practice it because of the superstitions attached.

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