When this man was called a coward for criticising Trump supporters, he had the perfect response

Since Donald Trump took up the oval office, Twitter is increasingly a political platform.

In the way of political analysis, we mean lots of people shouting their opinions about the Donald.

When it's political its usually confrontational, and with fighting on the internet often there are keyboard warriors - a brand of people who will talk big from their mum's basement but rarely speak up 'IRL'.

Vincent, a Lieutenant Colonel in the US military isn't afraid to call our keyboard warriors when he sees them.

When Trump-supporter @KrokerTony tweeted that the president's decision to intervene in Syria was "a finger in the chest to many countries that we've for a new president and he's not a p***y", Vincent called him a keyboard warrior.

The Trump crowd has so many keyboard warriors who won't sign up to actually fight in a war.

@KroekerTony then called Vincent a coward - big mistake.

Tweeting a picture of himself in his military uniform, Vincent said "Do I look like a coward?"

The tweet has earned thousands of retweets and many Twitter users have thanked Vincent for his service - and his excellent comeback game.

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