Donald Trump has once again appeared less than Presidential on Twitter after failing to acknowledge the news that seven missing sailors were declared dead and instead commenting on his approval ratings.

The U.S Navy announced on Saturday that the search for the U.S sailors who went missing following a destroyer’s collision with a merchant vessel off the coast of Japan had come to a tragic end.

After several days of searching, bodies have been found and the remaining missing sailors have been declared dead.

The developments were reported on Sunday, yet the President has yet to acknowledge the deaths. Instead he chose to tweet about his approval ratings.

He boasted that these were higher than Obama's and described the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda as ‘doing very well.’


Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

The last time President Trump recognised the search for the missing sailors was on Saturday morning.

Picture: Twitter

However since the sailors have been officially declared dead he has not commented on it.

This oversight has not been missed by the Twitter community.

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

People were quick to point out that Trump's statements about the poll were selective at best:

Picture: Twitter

Time published an article demonstrating that Trump's approval rating is in fact lower than any of the U.S presidents that have gone before him.

This is not the first time Trump has drawn attention to himself around a major event.

After the nightclub shooting in Orlando last year, Trump tweeted the following:

When Dwyane Wade’s cousin was shot in Chicago months later Trump used it as a bid to encourage African American’s to vote for him in the Presidential Election.


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