Bill Clinton mercilessly mocked Donald Trump on Twitter

Getty Images / Steve Pope

The ranks of Trump trolls continue to swell - with one rather unexpected entry.

Bill Clinton, husband of Hillary Clinton, might be feeling just a little bit chagrined.

The attention paid to his sexual infidelities and sexual harassment cases arguably tarnished his wife's campaign and distracted some from Trump's notorious p***y-grabbing ways.

There were also fears that the former President could exert an unwelcome influence on his wife in office, should she ever become Commander-in-Chief.

There were even rumours that the man actually encouraged Donald Trump to run for President, in order to effectively nuke the Republican party.

Still reeking from his own almost-impeachment and the catastrophic failure of his almost-President wife's campaign, you might then be forgiven for expecting both Clintons to keep quietly in the corner and lick their wounds.

But then, on Twitter...

This is a clear dig at President Donald Trump, whose increasing paranoia and disregard for facts led him to claim that the Obama administration bugged his office during his campaign.

Despite all evidence to the contrary.

And also despite furious denials from the CIA, the FBI, Barack Obama and just about everybody else.

It's true that Mr Hillary Clinton is just a tad late to the party on this one.

Trumptrolling the wire-tapping claims has already almost died out, given the flash-in-the-pan, 24-hour-lifecycle nature of the internet.

Nevertheless, we give the man some credit for innovative use of props.

Although not everybody loved it as much as we did...


We'll have Clinton with a side of sass, please.

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