The internet has nominated the Twitter employee who shut down Trump's account for a Nobel Peace Prize

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Friday 03 November 2017 09:15

Someone at Twitter clearly had enough of Donald Trump’s rants and decided to (briefly) end his social media reign.

A former Twitter customer support worker deactivated the US president’s choice of mouthpiece on his last day of work for 11 whole minutes - that's years in internet years.

Twitter quickly released a brief statement and said it was conducting an internal review.

The internet however, can’t get enough of the maverick who silenced the POTUS.

In fact, people are calling for the unnamed person to get a knighthood.

A Nobel Peace Prize. You know, for services to the world.

They are hailing the former employee a ‘hero’ of the people

This is 12-Labours-of-Hercules-levels of heroic. Seriously.

Others are saying the former employee should be rehired and receive a promotion.

The Internet is forever in their debt for blessing it with 11 Trump-free minutes on Twitter.

'Make America Great Again' took on a whole new meaning

There was a rare outpouring of positivity on the Internet

We'll just leave this here...

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