After yesterday's debacle at the UN General Assembly, where the president of the United States became a literal laughing stock, you would hope that Donald Trump might want to keep a low profile.

Then again this is Donald Trump that we're talking about, and 'incognito' isn't exactly in his vocabulary.

Following his "great" speech, which was obviously meant to be funny, he sat down with his fellow world leaders and toasted them with a wine glass.

However, as pictures have shown, the vessel was curiously filled with Diet Coke.

Picture: REUTERS/Carlos Barria

These photos aren't exactly a good look for the president. Why didn't he just use a normal tumbler glass?

Anyway, despite all the obvious criticisms that we have of Trump this is one that we definitely can't call him out too strongly on.

Trump has never drunk alcohol as his brother Freddy was an alcoholic and passed away at the age of 42 in 1981.

As we said, it's easy to mock Trump 99.9 per cent of the time, but in this instance, people are actually relating to him.

However, we should point out that Trump has something of a problem with Diet Coke and reportedly drinks 12 a day, which can't be that healthy at all.

He also tweeted this in 2012:

Trump is reported to have said in his toast to his counterparts:

[The United Nations] 'has this incredible potential to bring people together' and that is evidenced by 'certain things we’re doing now towards world peace.

Many of you are now friends. When I first came here, even though I lived in New York, it was a little bit of a foreign territory to me, the United Nations.

But now it’s like home. But so many great people, so many great leaders in this room. And a lot of terrific things are happening.

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