People think a nationwide emergency phone test will turn them into zombies

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Conspiracy theorists think a nationwide emergency phone test will turn people into zombies

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In the United States, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will send a nationwide emergency alert on Wednesday, October 4, to every mobile phone across the country at 2:20pm ET. And conspiracy theorists are, of course, suggesting something more sinister is going on.

In a press release from August, FEMA explained that the tests were crucial to ensure the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts can alert the public in the event of severe weather or other serious events. It is the third nationwide test to consumer cell phones but the second to all cellular devices. It described the purpose of the test to be "to ensure that the systems continue to be effective means of warning the public about emergencies".

However, of course, conspiracy theorists have other ideas about what they 'true' purpose of the test is, linking it to the fan-favourites of conspiracy theorists that the test is actually about 5G and Covid-19 vaccines.

5G and the Covid vaccine has been at the centre of conspiracy theories for a while, mainly with the false theory that the Covid-19 vaccine contained a microchip that would be activated by Bill Gates.

An avid conspiracy theorist on Twitter/X known as 'Online Shotgun', whose bio reads "PhD in physics Startup executive Canceled Shadowbanned Unvaccinated", shared his thoughts on the nationwide test in a tweet, writing: "October 4th 2023 FEMA activates 5G zombie apocalypse. If you got the clot shot, you are screwed. For those of us who did not bend the knee, real estate is about to become much cheaper. We'll need lots of ammo though. Don't say I did not warn you."

Alongside the tweet was a five-minute video from right-wing Infowars reporter Greg Reese, explaining what is predicted to happen on the 4th.

The video claims that the Covid-19 vaccine contains pathogens such as E. coli and ebola, and that "different pathogens can be released by different frequencies, pulsed through the 5G network." Later in the video it warns viewers that "on October 4th, FEMA will be using frequencies to activate nano-pathogens in the blood of the vaccinated." The final minute of the five-minute long clip is purely adds from sponsors and affiliates of the InfoWars store.

The tweet currently has over 18,000 views, whilst the video used has over 160,000. Comments criticising the video have been hidden.

Another video with over 1500 likes tells viewers to wrap their phones in tin foil to prevent them from receiving the FEMA test, claiming the tin foil "deflects the signal" from the phone.

In a video by conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer Robin DeLorenzo viewers are told that "we have to take some steps to protect our bodies". DeLorenzo recommends viewers to "fast 48-72 hours beforehand", she says this is to "reignite and restart your immune system". DeLorenzo also adds that people should "stay out of the city, stay away from 5G towers" and to put their phones in a microwave. The video has been deemed false by Instagram fact-checkers.

There is, of course, no evidence to suggest that the nationwide alert will do any harm nor that it is anything but a test. So no need to worry about a Zombie apocalypse.

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