How English sounds to people who don't speak English

YouTube / Brian and Karl

French sounds pretty, German sounds tough, Italian sounds romantic.

So how does English sound to non-speakers?

It's always tough to know how your native tongue sounds - but this short film Skwerl created by Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston attempts to show the English language through the ears of those who don't speak the language.

The video - which featured in Series L of QI - starts with a woman preparing dinner for her partner, and tensions quickly escalate throughout.

The dialogue in the video is complete gibberish, featuring lines such as

No the purstation is a trap. I mean, why the crest soldier for the magbaleen nation? It's further grad to my chosik!

Chosik for the magalon.

Fairbairn and Eccleston have shared the script of Skwerl online.

It is mostly made up of real words in an incorrect order with mistakes in spelling and grammar.

Throughout you can hear English words and phrases, and still follow the story though body language and non-verbal communication.

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