A broadcaster on Fox Nation has likened migrants coming to the United States to Nazis, adding that the country has been invaded by a 'rampaging horde of illegal aliens.'

Todd Starnes was speaking on the Wednesday edition of his show Starnes Country when he went on the highly controversial rant, which was instigated by an article about the right-wing US media by the New York Times.

The story noted how the suspected shooter in El Paso, Texas who killed 22 people on August 3, had used similar rhetoric that is regularly broadcast on networks like Fox, where migrants are said to be 'invading' the United States.

Although he called the piece a 'hit job' Starnes didn't deny using this word and even bragged about how he had used 'invasion' when talking about migrants for years.

They were going off about how the El Paso killer had echoed some of the words that we use here at the Fox News corner of the world.

Specifically, it's a word that I've been using for years now about what is happening at our border and I do believe that we have been invaded.

We have been invaded by a horde, a rampaging horde, of illegal aliens. This has been a slow-moving invasion.

I believe that is a fair description of what we have suffered here in this country because the nation has suffered. 

Starnes goes on to list some of the crimes that migrants have committed and uses the old cliche of stating that 'not all migrants are criminals but many of them are.'

He then doubles down on his comments before using the Nazi analogy when describing the historical definition of an 'invasion.'

When you go back in time and when you look at what an invasion is. Whether it is the Nazis invading France and Western Europe. I mean, whether the Muslims were invading a country back in the early years. It was an invasion and what exactly is an invasion?

Well, when you have one group of people it doesn't matter if it's 25 or 25,000 people, but if you have one group of people crossing the border of another country without permission, in my estimation that is what we would call an invasion.

The moment has since been shared on Twitter by Jason Campbell of Media Matters and people are shocked at what they have seen.

HT The Daily Beast

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