What people secretly Google has been revealed, and it's very worrying


We've all had the odd burning question that we're too embarrassed to ask anyone else - and this is where our trusty, reliable friend Google comes in. (Other searches are available)

Google Trends reveals what we're most searching for, with particular phrases often spiking during major current events.

Here's what we're asking Google. Spoiler: it's a bit concerning.

1. Brexit has confused us

In the aftermath of the referendum last year, the second most asked question on our minds was whether we'd get another referendum. No, really.

FYI, we most likely won't.

2. We’re concerned about the election results

Earlier this month, the UK had a general election. It resulted in a minority Tory government who is looking to be propped up by the DUP. This Northern Irish party is giving Brits the shivers, with its reputation of opposing same-sex marriage and abortion. And it looks like that's really on our minds.

And we probably weren't helping ourselves by asking so many questions about the DUP:

3. But we really should be worried about the voters, too

It turns out we don't really know what we're doing, either. We're not quite sure how elections work.

5. Or what constituency we're in

6. But at least we've got our priorities right

7. We think Melania's in the wrong place

Off British politics and onto the US, since Donald Trump became president, we've been asking when first lady Melania is going to move from her home in New York to be with her husband in the White House.

That is, after we've found out her height and age.

But no need to worry anymore:

7. We're an altruistic bunch (One entry that is thankfully not worrying)

The good news is that we really want to help the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.


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