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What's the worst possible scenario that you can imagine dying in?

This particular writer recently watched a horror movie where someone was eaten alive by rats and, although fictional, that did not look fun.

Believe it or not, there are actually experts who have researched what would happen to you in some of the most ridiculous scenarios imaginable.

Paul Doherty is a senior scientist at San Francisco's Exploration museum and planetary scientist.

He was part of the research team for the Viking Mars mission and spent two years researching the most "interesting" ways to die.

Along with writer Cody Cassidy, he wrote a book called And Then You're Dead which looked into what would happen, for instance, if you were swallowed by a whale, jumped out of the International Space Station or went barrelling over Niagara Falls.

Last year he took part in a Reddit AMA where users were invited to ask Paul what possible ways there are to die.

We should warn you, a lot of these are a bit graphic.

Here are some of his best answers:

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