Man holding silver platter at luxury Ritz banquet condemns 'out of touch elite'

Warner Bros is reportedly interested in producing a film about the former Ukip leader
Warner Bros is reportedly interested in producing a film about the former Ukip leader

On Wednesday evening Nigel Farage attended a party at London’s Ritz hotel to honour his 20-year political career and the success of Brexit.

Only hours after the Chancellor Philip Hammond laid bare the £58.7bn "black hole" opened up as a result of Brexit, the interim Ukip leader was celebrating his triumph.

He delivered an impassioned speech condemning “The Establishment” and pledging to continue the good fight.

He did this at the Ritz Hotel. Alongside media executives, Conservative MPs and millionaires who donated to Ukip. Whilst serving Forrero Rocher on a silver platter.

We're not making this up.

Picture: Andrew Woodcock/PA Images

Farage, who attended the private Dulwich College and whose membership in the European Parliament gives him a £84,000-a-year salary, had much to say about "The Donald" too...

[The year] 2016 will stand out as one of those great historic years. It’s the year of the big political revolution and there are a lot of people in this room who fought hard over the years to make Brexit happen and Brexit was the first brick knocked out of the establishment wall and then what we got November 12 with the election of The Donald was something of a completely different order.

We feel the need to reiterate: he did this at The Ritz Hotel.

Farage, who has been a politician for over 20 years, went on to condemn the "career, political professional class" running the country...

And then said the following:

Can you believe it? I’ve been doing this for 20-25 years.

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