If you have one of these 50p coins you can probably make a lot of money

If you have one of these 50p coins you can probably make a lot of money
Picture: Royal Mint

There are a number of 50 pence coins currently in circulation, ranging from ‘uncommon’ to ‘extremely rare’ and depending on the kind you have in your possession might be the difference between Nandos-meal rich or new car rich.

Here are five 50 pence coins you should definitely look out for in your purse:

WWF 50p

Picture: waldopepper/Flickr

This special edition 2011 WWF coin is selling on eBay for up to £200.

The EC Commemorative 50p

Picture: Royal Mint

Our pending exit from the EU makes these coins all the more ironic: they were made to commemorate the British presidency of the council of Europe. While they’re not worth hundreds, you could probably sell it for upwards £20.

Kew Gardens 50p

Picture: Royal Mint

This design was released in conjunction with Kew Gardens’ 50th anniversary. They can go for £50 or more.

The Offside Rule 50p

Picture: Royal Mint

At £10, these special edition 50 pence coins illustrating the Offside Rule will definitely get you a meal at Nandos.

London 2012 Olympics 50p

Picture: Huel Chiang Tsal/Flickr

While millions of commemorative coins were released for the Olympics, 600 of them are a bit special. The Royal Mint changed the design of the aquatics one so you could see the swimmer's face. The original coin, which shows water passing over the swimmer's face, could earn up to £3,000 on eBay.

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