Mum who drove car into Insulate Britain protesters is now doing nightclub meet and greets

Mum who drove car into Insulate Britain protesters is now doing nightclub meet and greets

The woman who drove her car into some Insulate Britainprotesters is now doing meet and greets at a club in Barking like some sort of failed Love Islander.

Posting on Instagram, Sherrilyn Reid shared a poster informing her lucky fans that she would be appearing at an event called Winter Affairs at the Kings Bull near Barking station in east London, alongside DJs called “DJ Skanks”, “Mad Influence”, and “DJ Crickmar” among others.

It comes as Reid’s latest attempt to stay relevant for all the wrong reasons after a video of her intervening in one of the eco-warrior's protests went viral on social media.

In the video, Reid left her vehicle and shouted at activists to “move out the way now.”

“I’ll drive through you then,” she added. “Move out the way I’m not joking my son is 11 and he needs to get to school and I need to get to work.”

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Having failed to get the protesters to shift, she then returned to her Range Rover and drove into the protesters’ backs as one yelled out “Ow, ow, ow, no!”

It caused a stir and later Reid spoke to various press outlets to defend her behaviour, clarifying she “nudged them slowly” to try and scare them into getting out of the road.

“I shouldn’t have let the anger get the better of me but they pushed me to the edge,” she told the Sun. “What they’re doing is wrong. They’re not peaceful, they’re obstructive and they’re rude.

“We want to have a nice planet for our children’s children, which I support — but they’re doing more damage than good. They should be protesting outside parliament and to the government and not interrupting people’s lives.”

Meanwhile, speaking to the MailOnline, she said she was just “standing up for her son”.

“I just wanted to get him to school,” she said.

We said this is Reid’s latest attempt to stay relevant and here’s why: the mum also recently revealed she would be flogging a merch collection including a £36.76 hoodie with “R.R.M” (”Range Rover Mum”) written on it and a £12.54 mug with... “R.R.M” written on it, Meanwhile some leggings were priced at £33.19 but the Instagram post detailing these products has since been deleted.

Speaking to LADbible at the time, she said: “I actually didn’t think of the merch myself, it was the public that asked me to make the merch.

“They come to me, messaged me, and they suggested it and they actually designed it as well.

“My merch is based on empowerment, female empowerment. It’s the raise aspirations and inspire people that even if you’re a single mum you can still go out there and you can still set up businesses and make something of yourself.” Or ram your vehicle into protesters, apparently.

Now she will be clubbing from 9pm to 3am, absolutely painting Barking red and we just hope she doesn’t bring her car. Writing on Instagram, she added: “Hi guys, ill be joining @londoneye360 Winter Affairs for their Christmas party & would love to meet you all. Come say hi & celebrate with me, this will be the party of the year.”

Will it?

Love Island used to be a graduate scheme to accelerate someone’s status as an influencer. Now the show has been surpassed by, er, ramming one’s car into climate change protesters.

2021, everyone.

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