Iran sees the Republican presidential candidates as a comedy show, president says

World leaders are in New York for the United Nations' 70th general assembly.

Among them is Iran's president Hassan Rouhani, who sat down for an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour.

In it he revealed that Iranians are watching with interest the Republican hopefuls trying to become their party's White House nominee.

Sometimes when I would have time some of [the debates were] broadcast live and I would watch it.

Some of it was quite laughable. It was very strange, the things that they spoke of.

Rouhani questioned whether the candidates, almost all of whom want to renege on an international nuclear deal with Iran, know where Tehran is.

Some of them wouldn’t even know where Tehran was in relation to Iran. Some of them wouldn’t know where Iran was geographically, not distinguishing that one is the capital of the other. What they spoke of was quite far away from the truth.

So, the people of Iran were looking at it as a form of entertainment, if you will, and found it laughable.

He added that pulling out of the nuclear agreement that a host of other countries had signed would be something that "only the likes of Saddam Hussein would do".

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