During Wednesday's PMQs, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn lead a bizarre chant along with his MPs as he listed the rising inequality figures under the Tory government.

No, it wasn't the 'Oh, Jeremy Corbyn' chant that was on the lips of every Labour supporter during the summer of 2017 but a simple and repetitive chant of 'up.'

Whilst criticising the government on the continued austerity measures that are being imposed Corbyn listed the many areas in which Labour believes the Tories are failing the public.

Income inequality is up. In-work poverty is up. Child poverty up. Pensioner poverty up. Homelessness up. 

Mr speaker, austerity is clearly not over. People on low incomes are getting poorer while those at the top are getting richer. 

The economy is slowing. Manufacturing is in recession and this government's shambolic handling of Brexit is compounding years of damaging austerity.

Their policies are driving people to food banks and poverty in the fifth richest economy on this planet.

Are any of these burning injustices a priority for the prime minister? 

Every time Corbyn said 'up' his cabinet and backbench MPs chanted along with him making for a very unusual sight but was a certain sign of unity from the Labour party and backing of their leader.

It was far from the most unusual thing seen in the Commons in the past few days. On Tuesday, Theresa May quoted a cartoon meerkat and John Bercow made a noise that sounded like he had just died in a videogame.

Singing politicians is something of a theme as of late. Let's not forget Donald Trump signing a happy little tune during a press conference at the White House a few weeks ago.

HT Guardian

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