NBC returns to bizarre America's Got Talent act after their report on John McCain's death

Following the death of Senator John McCain, major American broadcaster NBC interrupted their regular programming to deliver the breaking news.

After their news anchor, Richard Lui read a sombre report on McCain's death, which also featured a speech from the former presidential candidate, they cut back to what they had been broadcasting.

Rather than take a short commercial break or air a few seconds of black or silence, New York's WNBC returned straight to America's Got Talent.

To make matters worst the act that was on stage at the time weren't a dance ensemble or an incredible singer. No, it was two men shirtless dressed as dolphins making very strange noises.

The act which is apparently called Yumbo Dump is a comedy act from Japan who make bizarre sounds with their bodies. They were eliminated in the season's quarterfinals.

The unfortunate timing of the cut soon wound up on the Internet and went viral and Twitter had a lot of things to say.

Indy100 have reached out to NBC for a statement and will update this story should we receive a response.

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