In 2015 the Smiler ride at theme park Alton Towers was involved in a major crash.

The terrible incident injured 16 people, including Leah Washington, then aged 19, whose injuries meant she lost a leg.

On Wednesday, Washington posted to Instagram a photo of herself on holiday in Andalucía, with an inspiring message in the caption.

In the caption she wrote:

Just after my accident body confidence was one of my biggest problems. My body and life had changed forever and it is something that I'm still getting used to. Going on holiday and wearing a bikini in front of so many other people was one of my biggest fears but now I'm starting to feel confident in my own skin (and bikini lol 👙) and realise that every individual looks great in their own way 💗 and don't worry about what other people think it's irrelevant

After that, she shared more images from her holiday with her partner Joe Pugh.

Pugh was also injured in the crash, which occurred when a compartment on the Smiler rollercoaster collided at 50 mph with an empty car.

The accident forced Pugh to walk on crutches for months and complete a rehabilitation programme.

According to the Metro, the couple had been dating for just four days when the crash happened.

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