Labour leader hopeful Lisa Nandy has given a thoughtful and passionate defence of transgender people after she was asked about trans rights at the weekend's Open Labour hustings.

In a video posted by LGBTQ+ activist and writer Beth Desmond, Nandy, who is the MP for Wigan, explains that she represents constituents who are undergoing medical transition, including one person who's "been waiting over six months" to get the support they need.

She continued:

The Gender Recognition Act, in the experience that she's had and I've had is stigmatising, it's far far too long, and it leaves people without support at the moment that they most need it.

We've seen a rise in transphobic hate crimes in this country over recent years and I think it's really important therefore that rather than allow women to be pitted against one another, we stand up and speak very very clearly to say: trans women are women.

Yasssss Lisa Nandy!!!

And one more time for the transphobes in the back:

Trans. Women. Are. Women.

Nandy follows fellow leadership candidate Jess Phillips, who has gone to pains to prove she is a trans ally after a 2017 tweet in which she called anti-trans group Woman’s Place UK "perfectly reasonable".

Sadly, a lot of the comments under the tweet were promoting transphobic views which we will not repeat, but here are some of the positive ones to make your Monday a bit brighter.

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