The former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, Lord Ashcroft, has been roasted after he posted a bizarre Covid anagram appearing to imply the media is behind much of our current concern about the virus.

Posting on Twitter, he shared an image of a piece of paper with “Delta Omicron” written on it and crossed out to reveal it is an anagram of “media control”. He captioned the image with only an emoji of eyes.

Ashcroft is not the only person to realise the power of wordplay. Earlier this month, Republican Lauren Spicer noticed that rearranging the letters does indeed spell out “media control”.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists have been incensed by the fact that rearranging the letters omicron B makes the words “no Crimbo” and Gillian McKeith, who agreed to drop her former “Dr” title in 2007 after her academic credentials were called into question, tweeted a bizarre acrostic this summer reading: “Certificate Of Vaccination I D,” adding: “Truth is always in plain sight,” suggesting that Covid is a hoax to get people doubled jabbed.

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Reacting to the latest nonsense, people thought pointing out that the letters in some words can spell out other words was profoundly ridiculous and many showed him what Lord Ashcroft is an anagram of...

Oh dear. Indy100 has contacted Ashcroft to comment on this story.

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