All the disputed territories in the world, in one map

All the disputed territories in the world, in one map

On Tuesday John Kerry delivered a speech, in which he criticised Israel’s building of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories, despite the action disrupting the peace process.

But it isn't just the Middle East who're involved in worrying territorial disputes.

Entrepreneur and blogger Max Galka created an interactive map to help better demonstrate all 105 (Yes, 105) of the world’s disputed territories.

From the huge swathes of land you infrequently hear about in the news, to Rockall Island, - an 8,00 square foot rock in the middle of the North Atlantic - these territorial disputes shape the political and geographical landscape of the world.

Galka used information compiled from the CIA World Database, Natural Earth and Wikipedia to create the map.

There are three colours: red, which indicates countries involved in a territorial dispute, blue - when selecting a country showing the other countries involved in the conflict - and yellow, which are disputed territories.

The map shows that almost all of the countries of the world are engaged in some form of dispute over land.

Central America

The United States are currently involved in territorial disputes relating to Guantanamo Bay - America ‘rents' the land from Cuba, but they refuse to cash the cheques they receive, preferring to deem it an illegal occupation.

South America

Belize is disputed territory, with the UK, with Guatemala and Belize vying for control.

Africa (and parts of the Middle East)

Iran has territorial disputes with a few countries: United Arab Emirates (regarding Abu musa Island) Iraq (Shatt al-Arab River), Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan (Caspian Sea).

Europe and Asia

Russia’s territorial disputes are dotted to the west of its border, and it has issues with nine countries, relating to Crimea, Georgia and the Kuril Islands off the coast of Japan, to name only a few.

Australia and the Islands

Australia has two territorial disputes: Indonesia (Ashmore Reef) and Timor-Leste (Timor Gap).

You can have a look at the interactive map here.

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