This clip of Matt Hancock talking about 'suspending parliament' now looks utterly ridiculous.

In the clip, which saw Hancock talking in the conservative party leadership election in June the health secretary can be heard saying:

And then there is this idea from some people, you might have heard them, there is this idea from some people, that to deliver Brexit, we should suspend our parliamentary democracy. 

That we should prorogue parliament. But that goes against everything that those men who waded onto those beaches fought and died for. And I will not have it. 

Well, that's awkward...

Twitter user Spiller of Tea shared the clip to social media, alongside the caption:

Hi, @MattHancock 

Just wondering whether we should expect your resignation now or later today.

Asking for everyone who’s not a disingenuous, self-interested ba**bag.

It goes without saying that the awkward clip saw a whole host of Twitter users saying that Hancock should surely have resigned by now...

In the immortal words of Malcolm Tucker, fixxity bye, Matt!

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