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Prince Harry and Meghan have recorded an interview with Oprah Winfrey that is suggested to contain explosive revelations

Meghan Markle fans are expressing their support for the duchess by using the hashtag #TeamMeghan and #SussexSquad while supporters of The Royal Family are sending out tweets with #TeamQueen.

The tweets have not stopped coming this week in the build-up to Sunday night’s Oprah interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which has divided the nation, and the story is gaining traction in the States. It is due to be broadcast on CBS, and then the following day on ITV.

Tensions have ramped up between the two parties since the release of two clips from the upcoming broadcast, in one released yesterday Markle labelled the family “The Firm”

Here are some of the best tweets from the two hashtags.

Lena Gonzalez, a representative from Meghan’s home state California got involved, expressing her support for the Duchess, tweeting, “A historically racist institution that has allowed cultural appropriation and sex abuse claims to fly under the radar then decides to bully their first Black princess? Not today Queen.”

Another user declared it to be the end of the royal institution, tweeting out, “Beginning of the end for the British Monarchy. Watch this space”

Some people were uninterested in the interview until these allegations from the palace dropped in The Times newspaper.

Some of her high profile friends stood up, stating their disbelief at the accusations.

The notoriously divided panel on the American talk show The View were united in their support for Meghan Markle. They too were much more interested in the palace chasing up on other scandals coming out of the palace.

Some people pointed out this was very similar to an episode of The Crown, the fourth season of which was criticised for stretching the truth concerning Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship. Prince Harry spoke to James Corden on The Late Late Show about he preferred the Netflix drama to the tabloid press’ stories.

Social media users also took to Twitter to express how much they supported Buckingham Palace.

Some users evoked nostalgia for before Meghan Markle and Harry were married, posting photos of Prince Harry with his brother and his wife, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The trio worked together on many charity initiatives, concerning issues like mental health. Meghan Markle joined in on these projects when she married Harry.

Others were outraged by their behaviour, citing their love of the Queen.

A big motivating factor towards a commitment to the Queen is her lifetime of service, which had dominated most of the 20th century during her 68-year reign, making her the longest-serving monarch, beating Queen Victoria’s record of 62 years in 2014.

One of the now Hollywood based couple highest-profile critic Piers Morgan also expressed his allegiance to the Queen.

This is announcement is hardly surprising as he uses his breakfast show Good Morning Britain to rail against the Duchess often.

Some people had changed who they were supporting in the royal affair, settling on declaring their support of the Queen.

Some people evoked the image of Prince Phillip, who is currently in hospital recovering from heart surgery following an infection.

All this social media traction shows that the issue is a big topic and it is not going to go away, even after the interview airs on Sunday. Expect this to be everywhere.

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