On the left, Jill Biden, a blonde white woman in a black jacket, blue top with the USA flag and a navy face mask, waves. On the right, the White House Rose Garden with shrubbery.
Al Bello and Drew Angerer/Getty Images

It was almost a year ago that Melania Trump, then-first lady of the United States, unveiled her revamp of the White HouseRose Garden, with pictures that were described as a “horror story”.

Cherry trees and colourful plants were uprooted and replaced in favour of shrubbery and pavements. Some of the flowers were placed in the garden by first lady Jackie Kennedy back in the 1960s, when her husband John F. Kennedy was president.

Twitter was reminded of Melania’s Rose Garden on Saturday, when NBC’s presidential historian Michael Beschloss shared a picture of the greenery to the social media platform.

“Evisceration of White House Rose Garden was completed a year ago this month, and here was the grim result – decades of American history made to disappear,” he wrote.

Now, with a new first lady in the White House in the form of Dr Jill Biden, people are hoping that she’ll be looking to restore the garden to its former glory:

In fact, back in April, a Change.org petition was launched to revert the Rose Garden back to Kennedy’s “original design”. It now stands at more than 81,000 signatures.

People are still criticising Melania’s version online, too, with one user calling it “tasteless” and a “symbol of what the Trumps did to this nation.”

Here’s hoping that we can one day report that Biden ‘rose’ to the challenge.

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