Brexiteer Michael Gove has warned against a 'period of uncertainty' and irony is officially dead


Whichever side you picked in the EU referendum, most people can agree that Brexit has descended into an almighty mess.

The contradictions, the backtracks and the U-turns. It’s all a bit much isn’t it? Though unfortunately, as Brexit draws closer, there seem to be new heights (or lows) for irony with each passing day.

Today’s quote to make you want to scream into a pillow in a darkened room comes from Environment Secretary and Vote Leave chair Michael Gove.

Yes, that’s right, in a warning statement, prominent Brexit backer Michael Gove has warned of a period of uncertainty. Because absolutely nobody warned of that before the 2016 referendum, did they?

Naturally given the fact that Brexit pretty much a guarantees uncertainty, the internet had some thoughts.

Twitter didn’t hold back.

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