Piers Morgan grills head of RMT union over Thunderbirds villain profile picture

Everyone's favourite straight talker is at it again, and this time he is attacking journalists.

We are talking, of course, about the RMT's Mick Lynch who, in an interview with the Guardian amid ongoing strike action by the union, slammed "the state of journalism" and said he is always asked "dopey" questions.

He said: “The state of journalism. The questions they ask are so… dopey. They obviously don’t know what trade unions are. They think that we are all these cliches that they perpetuate. I’m a baron. My members are pawns. I can just move them about according to who I want to annoy that morning.

"Which is completely the wrong way around: unions are very democratic. It sounds a bit pompous, but the members are sovereign in this union. They tell us what to do.”

This harkens back to when he first came to many people's attention thanks to a now-viral interview with Piers Morgan when the outspoken presenter tried to quiz Lynch on why he had a picture of the Thunderbirds villain The Hood as his Facebook profile, despite there being obvious visual similarities between the pair.

The RMT recently rejected Network Rail's 8 per cent pay rise offer, saying it will only help half of their workers and come in over three years.

The union embarked on strike action on Thursday and Saturday and said further action was likely.

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He continued: "There’s lots of people who could be in my position, doing what I’m doing. And that’s what they find so shocking, middle-class journalists, present company excepted: that they meet somebody who might have read something in their own time, or is able to go toe to toe with senior people in industry while being on the tools."

We're not offended...

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