Remember the unemployed millennial who was sued by his parents because he just wouldn't move out and get a job?

Well, last week, 30 year-old Michael Rotondo's parents won their court battle, and on Friday, he packed up his possessions and moved out of their house in Camillus, New York state.

However, things didn't go completely smoothly. While he was packing up to leave, he called the police on his dad who wouldn't allow him to go back down into the basement and retrieve his eight-year-old son's Lego.

By the time the officers finally arrived, the Lego bricks had been found, according to the Post-Standardof Syracuse.

The whole debacle began in February, when Mark and Cristina Rotondo asked their son to move out of their property, because he didn't pay any rent and also didn't help out with chores around the house.

The couple originally approached a local court with the issue, but they were told that they'd need to take the eviction to the Supreme Court because it was dealing with a family member.

In a note issued on 18 February to their son, they wrote:

There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you. Get one - you have to work!

Michael has credited his ability to move out on a gift of $3,000 from right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who is behind the website InfoWars, and who gave him the money when he appeared on his show last week.

The BBC reports that Rotondo will move into an AirBnb rental in Syracuse for a week using the money, before taking up residence with a distant cousin.

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