No one can believe the scientist investigating mixing Covid vaccines is called Professor Snape

The scientist investigating whether different coronavirus vaccines can be used for first and second doses is called Professor Snape, unbelievably.

Professor Matthew Snape is from the Oxford Vaccine Group and will determine whether different vaccines can be mixed, potentially speeding up the inoculation process.

While this could be great news for the end of the pandemic, people on Twitter are more concerned that they cannot believe that the person with this job has the same name as the fictional potions teacher from the Harry Potter books:

Matthew Snape is not a fictional potions teacher but a vaccines expert and a paediatrician based in Oxford, not Hogwarts. If the fictional Professor Snape was real, he would perhaps also be well-suited for the role, given his prowess in potions.

And regardless of his achievements, it seems Matthew Snape will best known for sharing his last name with the famous character.

And he is not the only serious figure to share a name with a character from the books. Meet Harry Potter, barrister and legal historian:

We look forward to finding out that the coronavirus pandemic was started by Voldemort, and that Ron Weasley is running for leader of the Liberal Democrats. Because, why not.

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