Nearly half of Americans want to impeach Donald Trump, according to new research released by Public Policy Polling.

The national poll found that both Trump and house speaker Paul Ryan have hit record low approval ratings.

Over half of Americans (53 per cent) disapprove of Trump and even more - a whopping 61 per cent - disapprove of Ryan. An even higher proportion (68 per cent) disapprove of congress.

The recent failure to pass the American Healthcare Bill, AKA 'Trumpcare,' has not been good for Trump and Ryan's approval ratings.

The bill aimed to replace the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), but the debate instead caused unprecedented popularity for Obamacare, shooting its ratings up to 52 per cent.

It also made Ryan the most unpopular politician in the country. At the start of Trump's administration, Ryan had a 33 per cent approval rating, with only 43 per cent of voters disapproving of him. Now, his approval has dropped to 21 per cent, and his disapproval is at record high of 61 per cent.

Elsewhere, the numbers look bleak for Trump. Almost half say they'd support his impeachment, and nearly half of voters (44 per cent) think Trump's campaign team worked in association with Russia to help Trump win the election for president.

So, 53 per cent of Americans disapprove of President Trump's job performance.

And 53 per cent have an unfavourable opinion of Trump.

Half of Americans think Trump is a liar.

... And 61 per cent think he should release his tax returns.

His prospects for re-election don't look good, either.

Trump currently trails Joe Biden (54/40), Bernie Sanders (52/41), Elizabeth Warren (48/43), Al Franken (46/41) and Cory Booker (45/42) for re-election in 2020,

See the full results here.

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