Donald Trump forgot to sign anything at a signing ceremony, and the internet loved it

Donald Trump forgot to sign anything at a signing ceremony, and the internet loved it

We all know how hard it is to keep track of things when you’ve had a long week.

And yesterday it seemed like the business of running the free world got a bit too much for Donald Trump, as he marched out of an executive order signing ceremony having forgotten to sign any orders.

During an Oval Office appearance on Friday, Trump had been scheduled to sign a pair of orders focused on reducing the trade deficit in front of a gaggle of journalists.

The President was joined by the Vice President Mike Pence, commerce secretary Wilbur Ross and National Trade Council director Peter Navarro.

Announcing the new directives, Trump promised: “Under my administration the theft of American prosperity will end.” He assured the room: “We have a team that’s second to none: and when everyone’s in gear after these two orders I think it’s going to be something very special.”

He finished by saying:

You’re going to see some very, very strong results, very, very quickly.

However, instead of then sitting at his desk and signing the promised bills, Trump headed straight for the door, giving the mystified press, or possibly Pence, a thumbs-up.

Realising Trump's mistake, Pence immediately sprung forward to call him back, but Trump merely motioned him to scoop up the orders and follow him out.

It's widely assumed that Mr Trump was trying to get away from journalists who were asking questions regarding former national security adviser Michael Flynn and his connections with Russia.

Naturally, Twitter users have been quick to mock the error and Trump's swift departure:

Jesse McLaren thought to overplay the video with the credit sequence from political satire Veep:

And here's the Curb Your Enthusiasm edition:

It is believed President Trump later signed the measures behind closed doors, but the White House has yet to offer an explanation as to why he walked out of the ceremony. We can only assume he must have had an urgent appointment elsewhere.

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