Have sex with short guys to save the planet, newspaper says

LION Lunch Hour: Leg lengthening procedure promises height for "short kings"

Short kings rejoice.

Long gone are the days when leg-lengthening surgery, shoe lifts, and lying about your height are necessary to date successfully.

For years, society has been moving away from stereotypical gender roles in heterosexual relationships, which includes embracing a male partner who is shorter than a female partner.

The term “short king” has become a positive colloquialism to describe an attractive man who happens to be shorter than 5’9”.

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And now, an op-ed from the New York Times is recommending people reproduce with short people to help save the planet.

“When you mate with shorter people, you’re potentially saving the planet by shrinking the needs of subsequent generations,” Mara Altman writes forThe Times.

“Lowering the height minimum for prospective partners on your dating profile is a step toward a greener planet.”


Altman says shorter people are also more viable for successful lineage because they save resources

“As resources become scarcer because of the earth’s growing population and global warming, they may also be best suited for long-term survival,” Altman writes.


Altman makes a case for short people, pointing out that along with the potential to save resources from the planet, short people live longer on average and have a lower incidence of cancer.

On top of all of this, due to society's bias toward tall people, Altman says short people, especially men in heterosexual relationships, tend to have more colorful personalities to make up for what they lack in height.

I guess you have to stand out somehow.


Despite the belief that taller people are destined to be more successful, there is plenty of short people who have done quite well for themselves regardless of their height.

Jeff Bezos is 5'7", UK Prime Minister Rishi Suank is also 5'7", Simone Biles is 4'8", even Stanley Tucci is 5'8".

While the article is advocating for the shorter people in life, at the end of the day height does not determine happiness, success, or probability of children.

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