'You're not up to it' Nick Ferrari slams Priti Patel and Liz Truss over their handling of Ukraine

'You're not up to it' Nick Ferrari slams Priti Patel and Liz Truss over their handling of Ukraine
Nick Ferrari slams Priti Patel and Liz Truss over their handling of ...

Nick Ferrari didn't hold back this morning when he gave a blistering assessment of the situation in Ukraine and suggested two key British ministers should resign due to their "incompetence".

Speaking on his LBC show, Ferrari took the two ministers down a peg or two and listed their mistakes before calling for "grownups" to take over their roles.

"So this is the situation," he said. "Europe is on the brink of a war. We have a home secretary who doesn't know the difference between Calais and Lille and says a station is open when it's not.

"We have a foreign secretary who just a few weeks ago said 'yes, go off to Ukraine if you want to fight,' and when challenged about it said not only 'don't go' claims she didn't even say it in the first place

"Playtime is over. Off you go. You're not up to it, get them both out, and get in some grownups.

"Why should we have to live with his incompetence as we watch mothers and babies being shelled and losing their lives? Why?"

For context, home secretary Priti Patel evoked the ire of a senior member of her own party for not being clear about the status of visa application centres, to put it tactfully.

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In the House of Commons on Monday, she twice claimed that she had set up a visa application centre (VAC) on the way to the French port of Calais to process applications from people fleeing the Russian invasion, then later admitted the government was "in the process" of doing so.

The British response to Ukrainian refugees has been subject to much criticism.

Tory MP Sir Roger Gale told the commons in response to Patel's back and forth: “Under any normal administration that in itself would be a resignation (issue)."

Meanwhile, foreign secretary Liz Truss told the BBC a few weeks back (26 Feb) that she would support UK citizens who want to fight abroad.

"That is something people can make their own decisions about," she said.

“The people of Ukraine are fighting for freedom and democracy, not just for Ukraine but for the whole of Europe.

“Absolutely, if people want to support that struggle I would support them in doing that.”

But speaking at a press conference in Washington yesterday, she backtracked and said: "I've been very clear that the travel advice from the United Kingdom is not to go to Ukraine.

“There are better ways of helping the efforts in Ukraine, namely donating to the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) appeal.

“What I said the other week was expressing support for the Ukrainian cause, they are fighting a just cause and we are doing all we can to support them.”

Yes. Very clear...

No wonder Ferrari isn't best pleased with the two ministers and given the praise he received on social media for his analysis, it seems the public aren't too happy with them either:

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