On the 5th anniversary of Obama's tan suit, people are rejoicing in the nostalgia

It can be hard sometimes to cast one's mind back to pre-Trump politics, when lying to the public , stoking racial tensions , and " joking " about trading in regions of your own country were not the norm.

But if you take a moment to recall this day five years ago, you'll find yourself transported to a simpler time, when the president's outfit - as opposed to his deranged tweets - were making headlines.

On 29 August 2014, everyone was talking about Barack Obama's press conference the previous day. Or, to be more specific, the fact that he wore a tan suit, rather than a more traditional blue or grey option.

To commemorate the monumental event, The Daily Show tweeted out a compilation of the extensive coverage of tansuitgate.

Many others rejoiced in the nostalgia that the suit's fifth anniversary evoked.

While endless people pointed out the vast contrast between the last administration and the current one.

And some took it as an opportunity to dig out other history-making tan suits.

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