Paul Chuckle shares heartbreaking tweet about how much he misses his late brother Barry

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Nope, we're definitely, definitely not crying - you are. It's you!

Prepare for some Saturday tears, because this latest tweet from Paul Chuckle will literally break your heart.

Taking to the social media platform last night, 76-year-old Chuckle, otherwise known as Paul Elliot, expressed how sad and strange he felt about performing a DJ set at a club in Darlington alone, without his younger brother.

In a message to his 146,000 followers he posted a message, accompanied by a selfie:

It’s strange being here without Barry #Darlington

In August, Barry passed away at the age of 73 after a battle with cancer. The brothers, and artistic partners, had worked as a pair for over 50 years after starting out in Opportunity Knocks in 1967.

They were then best known for their starring role in the BBC children's television show Chuckle Vision, which ran from 1987 to 2009,.

After posting the lonely and contemplative selfie, many of Paul's followers offered him messages of condolence, as well as support.

One wrote:

He is still with you Paul so long as you have your memories. In fact he is with everybody who ever watched you both, so he will never be gone. Chin up mate.

Another commented:

Chin up mate as you know Barry always said ‘The Show Must Go On!

Barry passed away peacefully at his home last month, surrounded by his family, including his wife Ann.

Speaking at the time of his brother's death, the Metro reports Paul said:

It’s only a couple of months ago that I found out he was that ill. ‘He had pains in his legs for around two years, before we appeared in panto two years ago he was telling me about it.

He was telling me what it was like, and I told him it sounded like sciatica and that’s what he told me it was.

He found out at some point and kept it from me and our manager, we would’ve said no but he wanted to work until he died.

He wanted to die on stage, he loved working and making people laugh. He’s just a lovely guy, and did what he wanted to do.

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