This gay penguin couple are celebrating their 10th anniversary

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Sunday 06 November 2016 16:30
Picture:(Screenshot / Animal Planet)

Even as the Penguin Love Triangle is traumatising the internet with vicious violence, this gay couple are quietly celebrating a milestone of monogamy.

Dotty and Zee, two Humboldt penguins, live together in Bremerhaven Zoo, Germany.

After the couple spent years unsuccessfully trying to start a family by building annual nests, the zoo performed a DNA test in 2005. They discovered that both penguins were, in fact, male.

Luckily, the zoo was able to find an egg that had been rejected by its mother, and the happy penguin couple adopted the baby as their own.

They're now celebrating their ten year anniversary.


Incidentally, out of the ten penguin couples at the zoo, three are same-sex pairs.

A zoo vet told Animal Planet:

The three gay couples stayed together showing us that they are really strong relationships.


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