7 things people regret most when hungover

stock image of a man hungover
stock image of a man hungover

Hangovers are the pinnacle of self-flagellation.

As writer and journalist Matt Haig once put it:

If getting drunk was how people forgot they were mortal, then hangovers were how they remembered.

It isn't just the physical consequences of drinking too much that hangovers can encompass - it's the regrets that come with it.

A study, conducted by a payments app called Circle found that British people spent approximately £2,000 a year on a hangover.

And that doesn’t even include the cringe-inducing mistakes committed on the night out.

Not only do people spend a shocking amount of money on oily Chinese and fried chicken to lessen the roiling in their stomach, it turns out there are some more severe regrets than others.

Here are the top 7 things people regret the most in their sober state.

1. Spending too much money (39 per cent)

2. Drinking so much it's made you vomit (28 per cent)

3. Falling over and injuring yourself (11 per cent)

4. Posting to your social media channels (7 per cent)

5. Having a one-night stand (6 per cent)

6. Texting an ex (5 per cent)

7. Getting into a fight (4 per cent)

Jack Collier, European marketing director at Circle told Ladbible:

There's always that one mate who is reluctant to get their round in and heads home when it's their turn or 'forgets' their wallets.

With hangovers costing us an eye-watering £2k a year, you at least need to split the round fairly to avoid losing out even more.

Woeful. And then, come Friday night - you do it all again.

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