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Crowd photos are the most important thing of modern politics, or so the President of the United States would have you believe.

Take for instance Donald Trump's inauguration crowds - the Oval Office furore over which bore all the hallmarks of future temper tantrums.

So important was the size of this crowd that the government spent money investigating a complaint that the National Parks Service had doctored the images to make it look like the 2009 swearing in ceremony had drawn a bigger crowd.

The investigation, many tax dollars later, found that no - of course they had not.

So where is the outcry about photos of a recent Gays for Trump rally, in which numbers again appeared to be thin on the ground?

There seems to have been no complaints, and no demand to launch an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General.

Gays for Trump is what it sounds like, and their slogan is a play on 'LGBT' - ‘Let’s Get Behind Trump’.

On 1 July, the image of a Gays for Trump Rally that took place on the National Mall in Washington D.C was shared online.

Quite a sparse turnout based on this one photo.

A video of one of the speeches made at the ‘rally’ was recorded on Periscope, and tweeted out by @March4Trump.

The rally was in favour of ‘Free Speech’ and was organised by several leading members of Gays for Trump, including the North Carolina chapter’s president Peter Boykin.

According to Boykin, who spoke to the Washington Blade, the rally replaced another event which had been planned – a ‘Deploraball Pre-4 July picnic’

The event coincided with the end of Pride month in the USA, which the White House completely ignored and refused to acknowledge.

HT Washington Blade, Buzzfeed

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