England’s pubs are running out of draft beer two weeks after reopening

Scotland Allows Pub Gardens To Reopen
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The worst has happened, we’re afraid. Sorry.

Pubs in England are running out of draught beers because everyone has sunk way too many pints in the two weeks that lockdown has eased.

Have we not gone through enough?

A statement from Heineken revealed that Birra Moretti and Amstel have been particularly affected and that they are limiting the number of kegs of Birra Moretti pubs can order in a “temporary measure.”

We’re crying.

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“Over ten million adults in England have headed back to the great British pub, with many treating themselves to a much-missed draught pint,” they said.

“Demand for Birra Moretti and Amstel has totally surpassed our most optimistic forecasts, and our breweries are working round the clock to deal with this high level of demand.”

It comes in an environment in which only 40 per cent of England’s pubs are open because the rest have insufficient outdoor space, Mail Online reports. Of those that are open, only about 20 per cent of their full space is available.

So: what on Earth have we been doing? Are we a nation obsessed? Will we huff raw dough while downing sparkling water just to get a hit of that yeasty fizz? Apparently so, apparently so.

After all, Kent based pub group Sheperd Neame told Mail Online that some of its pubs clocked up record sales in the week they reopened, surpassing 2019 levels.

Meanwhile, Wetherspoons have said they are reopening more venues, adding another 44 pubs in England this week to the 394 that opened last week.


But the nation is stoic and people have made do with the selection of beers still available and the Queen is making more George Cross medals in response...

If you need us, we’ll be throwing out our loo-roll stockpile (which is so 2020) in favour of a crate of Amstel.

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