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Watch out 'Pool Patrol Paula', there's a new kid on the block. This time, it's 'ID Adam', who has called the police on a black woman and her son because they were using the neighbourhood pool.

In yet another case of apparent racial profiling caught on film, white man Adam Bloom was filmed calling the police on a black woman and her son because he didn't believe that she lived in the wealthy neighbourhood that qualifies to use a community swimming pool.

Facebook user Jasmine Edwards posted the video to her account, which has now had over 84,000 views, with the caption:

This is a classic case of racial profiling in my half a million $$ neighbourhood pool. This happened to me and my baby today. What a shame!!

In the video, Edwards can be heard questioning the man as to why she has been asked to show her ID in order to prove that she lives in North Carolina's affluent Winston-Salem neighbourhood, reports the New York Post.

She says that she and her son were the only two black people in the pool, leading her to believe that the man's motive for calling the police was 'racial profiling'. In the video, she can be heard protesting:

Where does it say that I have to show an ID to use my pool? My own pool.

Another resident says:

It doesn’t say she has to show an ID anywhere.

The police attempt to reason with Bloom, and agree with Edwards that she isn't required to provide ID in order to use the swimming pool.

She continues:

I feel this is racial profiling. I am the only black person here with my son — and he walked all the way to me, to ask for my ID. He asked for my address.

I give it to him, and then he came back and said, ‘Well, I didn’t catch your address correctly. Can you provide an ID to prove the address that you gave to me?’

And I said, ‘Why do I have to show my ID? Is there an ordinance in the neighbourhood?

In response to the accusation, Bloom claims that he asks people for IDs 'pretty much a couple of times a week'.

After listening to both sides of the argument, the police agree that Edwards has provided the correct amount of evidence required to use the swimming pool.

If she has a card to get in the pool, I believe that should be enough.

Speaking to the New York Post, Bloom's lawyer John Vermitsky gave a statement saying that he is the pool chairman, and that he was just complying with his role. Regards the racial profiling claim, Vermitsky said:

It’s not unreasonable for there to be that perception.

But it’s dangerous when we paint with a broad brush and label that as being the motivation for all these things.

This poor guy is being crucified…for doing something he was appointed to do.

Vermitsky continued:

This guy is really having a very difficult situation and dealing with backlash for something that’s pretty undeserved.

If you notice, he remains very calm — doesn’t make any racial epithets or anything.

He was put in a very uncomfortable situation, trying to deal with conflicting responsibilities, and it’s simply unfair.

This guy is in a very difficult situation, and it’s all because of a very misleading video.

Unsurprisingly, the altercation has caused uproar on social media, with many Twitter users labelling Adam Bloom #IDAdam, in the vein of a series of other white people who have called the police on black people for simply going about their day in a law-abiding manner, such as #BBQBecky and #PoolPatrolPaula.

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