Roger Stone arrested: Former Trump adviser has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back

It's been quite the day for Donald Trump as another one of his associates has been indicted and arrested by the FBI as part of the Robert Mueller probe into the president's ties to Russia.

Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to Trump, was cuffed by the FBI at his Flordia house on Friday, for seven counts related to his alleged interactions with WikiLeaks in the 2016 election campaign.

A New York Times report states that Stones claims to be in contact with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange and was aware of the leaks related to Hillary Clinton's emails before they were made public.

The 66-year-old has been involved in US politics for quite some time and has previously worked on Republican campaigns for the likes of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Until today he was probably a relatively obscure character known for his eccentric dress sense and one notorious tattoo that he has on his upper back and just below his neck.

This tattoo is of his former boss and disgraced president Richard Nixon, arguably one of the most despised men in American history.

Don't believe us? Here are numerous images of the tattoo which is definitely not a photoshop and to prove it here is an article on the tattoo by the fact-checking website Snopes.

Yes, that is Alex Jones in that final picture...

Still, not convinced this is real. Well, the tattoo made an appearance in a Netflix documentary about Stone that was released in 2017.

Stone only got the tattoo of Nixon in 2007 but it has since become the stuff of legend and according to him his a 'hit with the ladies.'

In an October 2016 interview with Newsweek he joked:

You’ll never meet another man with a dick in the front and a dick in the back.

Previously, in a 2012 interview with MSNBChe told Chris Hayes he was a great admirer of Nixon and got the tattoo to remind him of the former president's 'resilience.'

He [Nixon] was both very great and very flawed. He achieved many great things for peace and he made egregious mistakes. My admiration of him has to do with his resilience.

The tattoo is a daily reminder that in life, when you get knocked down, when things don't go your way, when you're defeated, you got to get up and fight again. It's simply that.

Yet, with today's news, this tattoo has taken on a whole new sense of irony.

HT Snopes

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