McDonald’s Estimates How Much Closing in Russia Will Cost the Company...It’s a ...

This week, McDonald's temporarily closed all 850 restaurants in Russia in a "hugely symbolic" triggered by the country's decision to invade Ukraine.

In response to the closure, one Russian has apparently filled his fridge with McDonald's, and others are selling Big Mal meals for up to £250.

On a Reddit forum, a photograph was shared that showed one person's fridge that was filled to the brim with McDonald's burgers, leaving little room for any other groceries.


The caption alongside the image read, "'McDonald's is permanently closing in Russia here is my friend's stash."

"If its not for personal consumption, it sure is a good business opportunity to sell stale burgers at a jacked price," one person wrote in the comment section of the post.

Another added, "So, what you're saying is, this is a solid long term investment with no risks?"

Someone else said: "Could probably leave it on the shelf and it would still be good for months."

"Looks like a White House party," another person joked, referencing Donald Trump's well-documented love for McDonald's.

"I'm more impressed he had that much free space to store all those burgers. And one pineapple. For a balanced diet, obviously," wrote another.

In addition to the jam-packed fridge, many other Russians have been attempting to sell the famed burgers on the Russian classifieds website Avito.

From a singular sauce pack, to a Big Mac meal priced at £250, to bags full of McDonald's food for £639, if you're desperate for a McDonald's fix you can find it on this website.

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