If you think you met your significant other in a cool, unexpected or cute way, think again, because this viral Twitter thread is simply unbeatable.

In a bizarre yet heartwarming post, a poet decided to share a short story about how his father's death lead to a roller-coaster ride of events.

The story begins when the man's father dies so he visits his grave, making sure to lay some flowers every time.

But while visiting his father's grave, the man noticed that the person who was buried next to his dad never had as many flowers, prompting him to also buy this stranger a bouquet every time he went.

The man did this for two-and-a-half years until he finally decided to look up this stranger's name, to which he had started to feel a bizarre connection to. He typed the deceased stranger's name out on Google to find quite a big surprise...

As an act of apology, the man started leaving flowers at the graves of the wife and her parents, whom the stranger had killed until, one day, he was caught red-handed.

The woman, who confronted him turned out to be the niece and granddaughter of the family he had been laying flowers for. In a twist of events, the man decided to ask her out for a drink...and the rest is history.

The thread, which received over 500,000 likes, was hailed by many as the best love story they had ever read. Some even called for a new and final season of How I Met Your Mother to be made in its honour.

Excuse me, while I grab some tissues.

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