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People across the world are celebrating Saint George, who has become a symbol of English nationalism in the UK - which is ironic, given that he wasn't even English.

Brits will be taking to the streets wrapped in white and red flags, painting their faces with the colours of England and some, celebrating being proud to be English (Brexiteers will probably be out in droves).

What is it?

St George's day, also known as the Feast of Saint George is celebrated on 23 April (the widely held date of his death) by various different churches across the UK. George is the patron saint of England as well as various other European countries.

According to legend, Saint George slayed a dragon and saved a town from its fiery clutches.

How is it celebrated in England?

St George’s Day isn’t an English bank holiday, but people mark it by flying flags with the image of St George's cross outside their homes and in pubs.

It is in this light that Brexiteers are being lightly dragged - given that, as history suggests, Saint George was not even English. Or British.

In fact, there are several reasons Saint George would probably despise Brexit and its racist undertones.

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