This is how different places look when a professional photographer captures them


Underground stations, escalators and flights of stairs are part of everyday modern life.

We barely take in those surroundings as we rarely stop, but you probably wouldn't unless they looked a little less bland.

Well, award winning German photographer Vijce is about to flip your perception of the world on its head.

He believes that even the ugliest of locations can be transformed into something stunning thanks to the power of photography.

Take, for example, this train station staircase:

Picture:Picture: Vijce

Picture:Picture: Vijce

Take a look at how Vijce transformed it:

Image credit: VijcePicture: Vijce

Image credit: VijcePicture: Vijce

Speaking to the indy100, Vijce explained his desire to capture these locations.

As a photographer, I have a deep love for life around me.

Throughout my career I realized how ordinary it is to love the beautiful, and how beautiful it is to love the ordinary.

It's the most incredible and rewarding creative challenge I know.

You're probably wondering how he managed to capture such images in otherwise dingy surroundings.

Luckily Vijce has some very sage advise to anyone else aspiring to capture images of a similar style and believes that you don't need an abundance of talent either.

To have the patience and burning desire to find the beauty in it. Besides, it helps if you don't mind looking like a fool while starting at an escalator for an hour.

I honestly believe that everyone can capture street photos like these. It's just a matter of how eager someone is to see and portray the world in a different light. Photography is not like sports where certain physical limitations will hold you back. Everyone has a unique way of seeing, feeling and living life.

Image credit: VijcePicture: Vijce

VijcePicture: Vijce

One thing that is highly important to Vijce is good light, and a little bit of heart and soul helps too.

As long you pour your eye, heart and soul into it, yes. However, having great light helps a lot.

Vijce also goes into detail on some other compelling photographs over on his website Eye, Heart and Soul.

Image credit: VijcePicture: Vijce

To capture this moment, I shot the stairway from the bottom.

I waited for the sun to set and made sure, that only one person came downstairs.

Image credit: VijcePicture: Vijce

I wanted to shoot another photo that focused on the gorgeous lines.

As you can see, you have the handrails on the side, the ones on the escalator, the ones on the wall and the lights on the top left.

I couldn't believe my eyes, when the mechanic climbed on the handrails one night. 

Picture:Picture: Vijce

One day, when I was running out of ideas, I turned my head left and right and up and down.

All of a sudden, I noticed how I could give it a surreal spin.

Turn your head left.

That's how I captured it.

Then I rotated it even more and cropped it.

In post-processing, I increased the clarity a bit and made it look slightly greenish through split-toning.

If you'd like to learn more about Vijce's methods please take a look at the video below:

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