Another ship briefly got stuck in the Suez Canal sparking flashbacks to the Ever Given

Another ship briefly got stuck in the Suez Canal sparking flashbacks to the Ever Given

Earlier this year, the whole world was captivated by the Ever Given incident which saw one of the largest container ships in the world run aground and block the Suez Canal.

The ship was stranded for nearly a week and sparked so many memes that something truly unbelievable will have to happen this year in order to eclipse it.

Well, to the delight of many it almost happened again...

The 366-meter-long Maersk Emerald containership, which is registered in Singapore was briefly grounded in the Suez Canal on Friday but was soon refloated and anchored at the Great Bitter Lake, as reported by maritime and offshore news site gCaptain.

The ship reported grounded in the northern end of the canal but thanks to a handful of tugboats it was shifted within a few hours and minimal delays occurred.

Although the ship was obviously quite large it was still significantly smaller than the Ever Given but shows that the canal has the adequate resources to deal with the situation.

Regardless, this minor incident caused the internet to have major flashbacks to just a few months ago when the whole world was obsessed with what was going on in the Suez Canal.

Incidentally, the Ever Given is being held in the Great Bitter Lake by the Suez Canal Authority until it can pay back the £655 million in compensation that it owes. A passing ship recently captured footage of where the ship ran aground and where it is stationed now.

It seems that our newfound obsession with this waterway shows no sign of going away.

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