The Sun’s souvenir Brexit poster is quite something

The Sun’s souvenir Brexit poster is quite something

The Sun, in its typically understated manner, has released a Brexit Day souvenir poster in today’s newspaper.

It’s the kind of thing one can imagine on the walls of the underground platforms in a dystopian horror film set in the year 2030.

The poster is comprised of a number of iconic British figures with the bulk of them accompanied by speech bubbles containing words like “See EU” (which admittedly works as a pun) and others simply read “Bye!”

Credit where credit’s due, there is one solid joke at the top of the page with silent film legend Charlie Chaplin depicted with nothing in his speech bubble.

In the bottom left of the poster are “The Shattered Remains”, prominent Remainers depicted as zombies, because it’s important we all come together and stop vilifying our political opponents at this tense period in history. Things get decidedly strange with Steve Coogan portrayed as one of the undead in this quarantined part of the page but his alter ego, Alan Partridge, proudly declaring, “Knowing Me… Knowing EU! TA-TA!” on the opposite side of the poster.

The presence of Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger and the late Stephen Hawking (all vocal in their opposition to Brexit) is also very strange.

Charles Dickens is also proudly pictured, a man whose writing was infused with his love for the countries of Europe and who would almost certainly mock the isolationist arrogance that has led us to this point. This is not to mention the fact that more than half the people pictured are dead, including Concorde (for the record, a joint venture with France).

At the top of the page is the statement, “Britain: We’re The Greatest” *sigh*.

Happy Brexit Day, one and all...

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