This is what it's like to be eaten alive by an anaconda

This is what it's like to be eaten alive by an anaconda

Naturalist and wildlife film-maker Paul Rosolie donned a "crush-proof" suit and allowed himself to get eaten alive by an anaconda, in scenes that will be broadcast on the Discovery Channel tomorrow.

Rosolie has not revealed just how much of his body the snake swallowed, but the 27-year-old has said the 20-foot animal beat "the s**t" out of him during the stunt, and he has not yet fully recovered.

To attract the snake he covered the crush-proof suit with pigs blood. Then, he tells the Daily Mail, he"got down on all fours to make contact with it and simply let it bite me".

She nailed me right in the face, and the last thing I remember was her mouth open wide, straight in my face, and everything went black. I went limp and let it constrict. All the while I was just thinking: 'Eat, eat, eat!'

She wrapped around me and I felt my suit cracking and my arms ripping out of their sockets. It was absolutely terrifying.

  • Paul Rosolie

Eaten Alive will be broadcast in the UK on Friday and in America on Sunday evening.

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