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Tomi Lahren and Candace Owens are two of the most prominent figures in the American right-wing and they are both annoyed that Kanye West is distancing himself from politics.

Earlier this week, the outspoken rapper announced that he would no longer be engaging in politics, just weeks after he met Donald Trump at the White House.

In amongst a series of tweets, he made a reference to Owens telling his followers that he had introduced her to some who might be willing to make a logo for a movement called 'Blexit.'

However, Kanye said that he never wanted anything to do with 'Blexit.' In response to this Tomi decided to throw a little bit of shade on Owens and mocked her and others for thinking Kanye was actually on their side.

This prompted Owens to clap back at Lahren, who made reference to her ongoing feud with Trump critic and comedian Kathy Griffin as well as her short-lived spell as a Fox News correspondent.

The fight only escalated from there after Owens responded to someone telling her to chill out by eluding to 'nasty messages' that Lahren sent about her that could have killed her career a long time ago.

Lahren wasn't happy that Owens decided to make this personal and decided to bow out of the argument.

Owens then accused Lahren of having taking several swipes at her, Charlie Kirk and his Turning Point USA movement over the last 8 months before calling her a 'coward.'

That seemed to put an end to their spat as they both went back to promoting their usual rhetoric in support of the American right and Donald Trump.

However, it's safe to say that the rest of Twitter enjoyed the argument a lot. Cue the jokes.

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